Data Manager in Projects


nouveau CDD 15 mois minimum - Date: ASAP


Exploration Production / Refinery Chemical


international - Based in CTR Office


Job dimensions

As part of a Project team, the DM will provide a single point of contact between the CPY team and the FEED or EPC CTR and all their data providers (vendors, suppliers, etc) regarding data exchange.
The job holder ensures that the information created during the project definition and execution phases is properly formatted and structured so as to allow maximum use by CPY teams during project phases as well as a proper handover to Operations.
Special attention on data quality which will be a Single Source of Truth to allow business decisions.



Data Management for CPY Project teams and hand-overs:

  • Ensure data availability, completeness, integrity/consistency and reliability of the asset database throughout the different Project phases and data uniqueness, quality and protection for the future Production phase
  • Ensure that both FEED or EPC Contractors and Project team fully understand the requirements of the contract and apply CPY specifications
  • Define & validate with the CPY Quality Manager and Engineering team any necessary procedures, controls, audits, KPI for proper data management, data progress and discipline related data
  • Supervise the data exchange and data review/approval processes with the FEED or EPC CTR and their Vendors/Suppliers. Facilitate the exchange of information between interfacing CTRs
  • Assist discipline specialists in the identification, gathering, organization and follow-up of relevant technical data during Project phases, including Maintenance & Inspection Engineering and Commissioning
  • Organize the transfer of the Project’s data bases between different project phases.
  • Liaise with Project Integration team to ensure proper integration of Project Information into the Site/Affiliate technical Information Architecture.


Configuration tool and environment:

  • Supervise and control asset data publication in Project Portal, to ensure maximum use by Project Team
  • Verify that rules for applying the Project Portal are defined, known and applied by all actors
  • Ensure that any software applications used by the FEED or EPC CTR, or their Vendors and Suppliers, allow data exchange with CPY for verification/approval
  • Organize the procurement of studies, tools, systems and software packages as necessary for project data management improvement and as required by Project team
  • Follow-up development, acceptance, installation and start-up of afore-mentioned systems
  • Ensure respect of backup and data security processes.


User technical support:

  • Promote the use of standard such as CFIHOS in the authoring tools
  • Train and support Project users in internal and external training actions.
  • Maintain a close interface with QUANTUM team to share best practices (REX), issues, specifications improvements and tools


HSE Roles & Responsibilities

Ensure that all Project Information deliverables will contribute to the safety and integrity of personnel and assets and will raise HSE awareness by making related information more readily available.


Context and environment

Localisations: Worldwide ; the position is based in CTR office.
Strong interface with QUANTUM team, Company IS departments (RC and EP), FEED or EPC CTR, Software suppliers, Integrators, Sites/Affiliates



  • Guarantee the production of a set of consistent data in order to enable the Digital Twin solutions
  • Ensure protection and maintainability of the delivered Project data during Project phases and at hand over to Operations


Qualifications / Experience required

  • Master’s degree or equivalent, with 5 years’ experience in the oil & gas industry & Knowledge in data management international standards is appreciated.
  • Good knowledge of the Company’s Operations/Projects organization, business processes and workflows is required
  • Strong rigor required for this position


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