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Analysing geographic data via virtual representation

Geomatics is essential for producing scientific and accurate descriptions of land areas.Thanks to our complementary expertise in Geosciences, Applied Sciences, Data Management, Scientific and technical computing, we can offer you a complete service of data collection, acquisition, management and processing, and subsequent distribution via either in-house or open-source tools.


Compiling a document reference system

● Aerial photography
● Satellite images interpreted using remote sensing
● Land surveys, topographic surveys
● Digitization of documents (maps, reports, etc.)
● Topo LiDAR acquisition and/or LiDAR surveys, by drone or light aircraft.


The importance of data management in projects

● Data harvesting and loading
● Harmonisation
● Geolocation
● Design, administration and evolution of GIS / non-GIS databases
● Integration of data into GIS architecture
● Archiving and storage


Processing georeferenced data

● Data analysis
● Statistical spatial analyses
● Photogrammetry: 3D visual representation of an object or a geographical area
● Remote sensing: determining the characteristics of the surface and atmosphere
● Topography / geodesy

Type of deliverables
– 2D/3D modelling and visual representation
– Documents of images/charts and statistics
– Generated maps and thematic views


Tools for extracting value from the information

● Development and evolution of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to integrate, store, analyse and display geographic information
● Installation and development of GIS infrastructure: web server, mapping server, distribution interface
● Development of dedicated applications and systems for handling a wide range of data formats
● Applications support
● Automation of data processing
● Valorisation of the data: statistics, algorithms…


Distributing high-added-value information

● Via the IGN Geoportal (French government’s web mapping service) or Google Earth
● Via a web portal, a CVA in-house solution


→ Aeronautics
→ Agriculture
→ Defence
→ Environment
→ Site Studies / Development
→ Pharmaceutical Industry
→ Infrastructure and Transport
→ Natural Risks
→ Health and Life Sciences


Some of
our references

Geomatics support for geoscience studies and structure formation studies.

Solution applied
Provision (4 years ago) of a multi-discipline team of 3-4 individuals – geomatics specialists, geologists, data scientists; their work is ongoing.

Provision of a geomatics unit to support studies of the geoscience and structure formation.
● Map creation
● Setting up a geodatabase
● Map-based analysis

Georeferencing and digitisation of maps and network plans

Solution applied
Provision of a complete team of 3 individuals for one year: geomatics specialists and data scientists.

An assignment involving complex georeferencing, digitisation and compilations of objects.
● Map creation
● Defining the area of interest
● Introduction of a decision-making aid

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